Minellis Massage Essence & Spa

                    "A Healing Solution is Priceless"                     

               Company Policies

Appointment Cancellation:

We truly appreciate your business however we respectfully request that you contact us for any reason that you are not able to keep your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, 4 hours prior.  If we do not hear from you by (email, text or phone) within a reasonable time to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you will be charged a fee of $25 for a

 (No show / missed) appointment.   If you arrive late than your time is shorten.  After 15 minutes and we do not hear from you, than your appointment is no longer valid and is considered a no show.

Gift Certificates / Vouchers:

Please make sure you have your (Voucher / Gift certificate) present when you arrive for your appointment, if not then you must pay for requesting services needed.  We are not responsible for lost or misplaced (Vouchers / Gift Certificates) we will not replace or refund these items. "No refunds available".  If your (Voucher / Gift Certificate) has expired you can still use it towards the regular purchased price.  You cannot use your (Voucher / Gift Certificate) for anything other than what you purchased, however you can purchase an upgrade for added services needed.

Groupon / Amazon Vouchers:

  You may purchase 1 voucher for yourself and  1 as a gift to someone else.   If you purchase a 3 pack voucher you can only use it for yourself and  cannot split for others to use.  Groupon / Amazon vouchers are valid for (First Time Customers Only) or a New Campaign Feature.  If your voucher has expired you can still use it towards the regular price of what you purchase.

Minellis Club Members:

If you have a membership please use your membership number when scheduling an appointment so you can get the discounted price at the time of service.  Members get 25% off on massage sessions, 15% off on couple massage sessions.  Upgrades are not included with this membership. 

Massage Session:

 Relax and enjoy this wonderful experience that we have to offer here at Minellis Massage Essence & Spa, we truly appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you.   We kindly ask with common courtesy in mind that you please turn your phone off or on silent so you do not disturb your neighbor in the next room.  Please remove your jewelry and place it in a safe place or leave it at home. 

  Health condition:

*If you are sick with fever and coughing with a runny noise please reschedule your appointment,  If you have a rash or a contagious skin condition please reschedule your appointment. If you injured yourself and you in pain please seek medical attention from a physician.    Massage is not advisable when these conditions are present. 


*We have the right to refuse service for any reason concerning:   Questionable health conditions, abusive language and behavior or inappropriate actions.

Please relax and enjoy!!!!!!

We Thank You For Your Business!